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Hey guys got a question. I am looking at getting a toy hauler camper to haul the 4-wheelers and joyner. I have a 2011 Eco-boost F-150 and the problem is the only camper large enough to put the trooper in is too expensive and probably close to the limits of my truck. So what I was thinking is get the smaller one which is 21 feet long and put a tow bar on the trooper to tow behind the camper. Has anyone flat towed a trooper? I plan on going with 15inch all terrain automotive tires. Is this a bad idea? I know I see people towing campers with boats behind them all the time so I didnt think it would be a problem. Would it be better to buy a small utility trailer to put behind the camper? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh yeah thanks for all the responses in my other threads. I am in afghanistan and dont get to visit the site a whole lot.

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Well I ran into the same exact thing. Toy haulers are way wxpensive......SO what I am maybe going to do is buy a 28 foot Enclosed car hauler and make my own..6000 for a new car hauler...Give or take for the brand and emenitys. I figure if I get a used one for 3000 and put 2000 in it I will have about what I want..Some states you are Not allowed to doulble tow....Just depends .I posted a link on my facebook.I will try to find it and post it here....

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IMHO, the ring & pinion are too small dia for continuous use at high speed (and my GUESS would be above 40 mph) and both front & rear diffs will be turning. Older Jeeps had/have the same problem with small dia wheels & tires used with low diff gear ratios, burns up the bearings. My off-road Jeep has 4:88 gears with 33" tires and will be trailered. My Jeep pulled behind the Motorhome has 3:73 gears with 30" tires and I still don't/won't pull over 60 mph. I am sure someone else will jump in. Better to get a flat trailer for the Trooper and double pull like Lenny does. Oh by the way, still have my trailer used for the Trooper. It is for sale but will be listing it this week with the sandrail on the local Craigslist. I would sale it without the sandrail. Sidenote for friends who have been out with us when we used the sandrail, Forgot the better 3/4 gets motion sickness when I bought it and that is was happened within minutes of first time out. If I can't take my best buddy, then the sandrail goes.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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Too much weight. That would max out a 3/4 ton and maybe then some. Keep in mind that every 1000 pounds on the hitch ball is going to transfer about 300 pounds from the front axel to the rear. I wouild be suprised if the tongue weight on your camperr is only 1000 pounds, Probably more like 1600-1700 pounds bear minimum. Based on the weight distribution of the Trooper, pretty much all of its 1700 pounds will be on the rear axel. Then between the driver and passenger, only front seat considered, if they total 300 pounds, that puts another about 75 pounds on the rear axel. To round things out, that would be (1600 x 1.3) + 1700 + 75 = 3855 pounds, too much even for a 3/4 ton. you would need a 1 ton truck. You can recalculate using the actual weight of the camper tongue. but you really need to get down to nor more then maybe 2200 - 2300 pounds. I would pull a trailer behind the camper if your around stated that allow that. Even then the camper would need to be a 5th wheel. Your only real answer is to trade your camper in on a toy hauler.


PS: forgot to add the weight of the carrier frame, probably another 200 pounds on the rear, at least.

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