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happy holidays


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HELLO..... Any one out there??? Its Friday morning the 21st and not sure if i am the only one that survived.. If anybody is out there I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

Hello here I am!!! Looking at hordes of zombies coming for me..... No just kidding I think that whole 12/21/12 is a hoax and there's many versions of how world would end... Like last night it would have happened or maybe tonight at 12:01 or the next day after the 12/21/12 but whatever I laugh at those! Lol. We only got 2 inch of snow for " going away gift"

If world do end... We all should meet up somewhere and create a Joyner gang club j/k lol

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Happy Holidays from the DARK SIDE (Jeeps)! LOL!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

Jeeps r far from the darkside lol there like a trooper on steroids

Lol actually at one time before... I was considering pair of jeep Dana 44 axles or front Dana 44 and rear Ford 8.8 axle to swap into trooper and build coil over triangulated 4 link in front and rear and have better flexing and cheap parts. That would be the ultimate for me, but of course give up the nice ride we get from independent suspension system.

But I feel same as Charlie.. Lol trooper are childrens born from jeeps!

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    • By ReneG
      Hello from France
      I have used an old sportsman 500 for about 10 years. I’m looking to get a ranger UTV and or possibly an electronic golf cart or Polaris.
      Im here to get a specific question answered and hopefully contribute.
    • By Xov
      Just received delivery of a 2024 AMP Pro.  Thought I'd start a thread with my impressions as I use it and learn more.  There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of real-world usage information out there on this model.  Hope this will help others as they research.
      Intended Use Cases
      Fire mitigation / slash removal from a 5 acre forested and well-gamble-oaked property.  The previous owners thought as much about fire mitigation as I do about fashion: not much. Snow removal Stump pulling General hauling (rock, lumber, etc.) Weimaraner energy depletion.  Wasn't an original use case, but a nice added bonus.  Experiences So Far
      Wasn't impressed that two of the bumpers on the underside of the bed where it sits upon the frame were missing.  The metal on metal contact has damaged the powder coating and the frame.  I expect a little better QC.
      I've only put a few hours on it, so not a ton to report on usage.  It isn't quiet; it's silent.  I can't even detect an electric note from the motor. I removed (and subsequently replaced) the motor cover noticed that the motor is German and made by Schambuller.  The motor controller is Italian and made by Dana TM4.  Given the operating specs of both I found on the web, I suspect both are higher quality than the previous Navitas (which is supposed to be decent).  The motor is rated at 25 hp and 71.5 lb-ft of torque.  It feels very powerful.  All the torque is delivered instantly, if desired.
      The bed is huge and has an electric dump as standard.  Great feature but would like it to go up a bit more.  Probably not feasible from an engineering perspective, but I want and I need ;).
      Power steering is nice, but vague.  Probably common to many UTVs, but I am accustomed to more direct results from input.  Plan early and plan often.
      In our first full day of usage, we hauled about 1/2 as much slash as the entire rest of the year when I was doing it by hand cart.  I may get fatter, but I'll also get more done.  After a few days of usage, the battery meter has gone down by 1/10th. 
      Until next time...

    • By Karlibob
      I have a 2020 800 sx with about 16 hours on it.  From day one I have heard a clunking noise from the front end going over bumps.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Also this past weekend while out riding I heard a noise that sounded like the dump bed bounced three or four different times, again has anyone experienced anything like that.  Thanks, gary
    • By Kestrel919
      I have been working on hydroplane race boats for three years now and I've started working with UTVs more. Right now, some buddies and I are modifying a Can-am Commander. The first sort of UTV I ever drove was an EMU, which is an electrified Polaris UTV meant for mining operations.
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      Not my first sxs but new to this board. My Wife and I are both Air Force Retired and don't do anything,  lol. We love spending time outdoors especially with the Grand Kids.
      We currently have a Segway Fugleman UT10X and a Yamaha 700 Kodiak.
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