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Going riding and going to get RICH

Guest Lenny

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Got a metal detector for Christmas. Wanted a nice one all of my life. Now my riding trips will be twice as fun. Going into the mountain foothills along the eastern Navada boarder about 25 miles north of Utahs southern state line. This is gold country so we will be looking for nuggets. Actually won't get rich but its all about the thrill of the hunt. Who really knows, somewhere in this world is a 25 pound nugget and someone just might find it. The trails are going to be good and and with my heaters, the Trooper should be comfortable dispite it being in the 30s. No snow.


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I used the heaters and fans from the heaters that Joyner put out for the Troopers. Doubt you can get them any more. The radiators are about 5" by 11" and about 1" thick, each with two computer type fans hooked to them. I mounted one under each seat on the vertical wall behind your legs. I also used a three way valve for the hook up into the engine coolant system. This way I either run the coolant through the heater coils or not. They work great. Having them under the front of the seat is perfect because we carry a couple of blankets that we throw over legs and the heat comes up under them. Its amaizing just how cozy it is even in quite cold weather. We don't have behind the seats colose off not the top halfs of the doors but we do have a windshield that can completely close off the front. If your looking to do somehting, the 12 volt computer fans work good. I would look for a couple of heater coils out of a car or maybe a motorcycle.


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Here is something to go with your heaters, Seat Heaters! http://www.corbeau.com/products/seat_heaters/seat_heaters/# Can be installed in your factory seats as well as Courbeau replacements. I am going with Courbeau seats and this maybe a good start for some heat in the Jeep as I don't think I am reinstalling the heater because of a conflict with hanging pedals.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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