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One thing you can do is to replace the steel plates under your seats with an aluminum plate. This will save about 10 pounds. Eliminating the front 2 piece drive shaft with one piece of DOM tubing will save about 20 pounds. This eliminates that extra heavy center bearing assembly and 4 u-joints. Just cut the spleens off the ends of the stock drive shafts and weld them to the one piece shaft. You then meed to align the transmission output shaft with the front differential shaft. This is done by shiming under the motor mounts. Its already quite close to begin with. You can save an other 4 or 5 pounds by cutting out the solid lugs that connect the roll bar to the main frame. Just lower your roll cage and weld it solid. The seats are heavy and there are ones available that are 1/2 the weight. This can save another 40 pounds. I run 15 inch rims and by shopping around, I found rims that weigh about 10 pounds a piece. The first ones I had were a typical 20+ pounds each for a 15 inch. That saved me about 45 pounds when done.


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