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EJK fuel controller


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I bought silverbullets programmer about a yr ago I had talked to Rick about setting it also talked to Jose never really got a good answer do I called the company themselves I have a snorkel on mine and iridium plugs they said I should run it on the setting it comes with maybe one click up but without a wide band ad sensor it would be hard to set it perfect. I bounced this idea off Lenny's Brain too and he kinda agreed I did notice a throttle response difference but it's been on there so long idk about hp difference maybe this will help

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Like a fool, I installed it and started monkeying with it before i wrote down the factory settings. Now, we are headed out for a few days of riding in the mountains and i am worried that i have it all messed up. I have burned out a good many sled engines by running to lean in the low ground. Now that i have it set back to factory, i am looking forward to a great ride with hopefully all the added power that this thing claims. after all, the reason my buds call this thing the lizzard is because it just goes where no one else will. More than a few times i have had to turn around and go back down because the guys i ride with wouldnt follow me up. that stuff just makes me smile.

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Guest Lenny

I've taken mine on trails that many of us have seen. A steep looking trail going strait up a mountain side. You see it from as ways back and think, wow that looks like a fun climb. As you go up it, it gradually gets steeper and rougher. Eventually it peters out where others decided that was enough. Of coarse the Trooper keeps going. It starts to get not just steeper but really cobbled up but the trooper keeps going. I would get to a point where I would start to realize that this would be touchy to back down because of the steepness and roughness and if you tried to turn around, you might roll it. You say others wouldn't follow you being too scared to try it, well I found myself more then once being too scared to stay with it while the Trooper was more then willing to keep going. These things can be a real mountain goat. My Trooper has more guts then I do.


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I think most of us have the www.superatv.com universal kit. I had one of the earlier model and had a few minor problems with it, so they replaced it and what I have now works fantastic. Note: the spline don't match up, but if you're creative, you can work around it, just don't try to make it work by tightening the nuts extra tight, \

Read http://www.utvboard.com/topic/2858-let-this-be-a-lesson/?p=16248


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