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Remote control for winch

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I've been thinking about adding a remote control for my winch since I got back from Moab and Steel Bender and seeing how handy it was for the guy that helped me with his winch. My first thought were to use a coil type phone cord, but I have decided on a garage door type remote. All it takes is a ground, and a wire from each of the 3 wires coming from the winch switch. I ordered 2 from Ebay and when they get here, I'll photo it and paste it. Just thought some may like the idea, I think it's about as simple as it gets. If interested, I will post directions of how to hook up.


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Here's link to the schematics for adding a remote control for your winch to your rig.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8cfc1eun8s3od6/Winch%20Remote%20Control%20Unit.png The black part is a shield that slides up over the buttons.

I have changed the winch control on my rig over to a FET H Bridge, so I don't want both IN and OUT signals sent to my winch control (relay). I added 2 secondary relays to the remote control circuit board, now if you push A(IN) and B(OUT) on the remote control at the same time, nothing is sent to the winch controller. If I push the OUT button in the Trooper and the remote A (IN) is pushed during the same time, the remote control is dominate.


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I had a failure of the winch control relay and had to be pulled up over part of the Steel Bender trail at Moab and decided to replace that relay with FETs also. To get the current carrying capability, I had to parallel several FETs, each one capable of handling 75 amps. Because I have 2 methods of input to winch 'relay', I had to ensure that it could handle having both in and out signal without damage. After blowing up sever FETs, literally, I came up with a design that allows both signals with no damage, if it happens, no power is sent to the winch. If you want more details, see the other forum I visit regularly, http://www.electro-tech-online.com/general-electronics-chat/134772-remote-control-winch.html

Here's the "final" product prior to encasing and installation, works well, I have tested it several times by applying both in and out signals and had no failures.

Side note, this photo was uploaded to the other forum and this is just a link, I found it interesting, but that's just me.

paperclip.png Attached Thumbnails74421d1371908930t-remote-control-winch-2

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