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T2 Rear End


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Hey guys looking for the SPIDER gear Shafts

Sorry I put wrong part descrition in here first time... .....Anyone have a used one? Also I would like to get 1 more shim kit if anyone has one they will part with...Need shaft SOON.....Mine broke in half and was eating the case up.So if anyone that reads this and has a knock in the rear stop riding and pull it!

724 420 7079 Dan

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Well I bit the bullet and I am having a machine shop do it for me...120 to 150.00.. I can tell you it tested at Rockwell 51 If that helps anyone that cant test it but can make it...I can't tell but for some reason...Probably my ERROR when we took the carrier apart the S-3 Shim was ate up and inside with the spiders... I think it might have been the cause...I don't know Just GUESSING at it.. Theres no marks on the gears so who knows???? So I need a S-3 shim too LOL....Oh well I will make do with what I have....

P.S. Being LAID off Sucks!

Thanks Guys!

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Can anyone tell me what happened to my diff. I had it rebuilt with the up grades about two years ago. I was riding in a tight spot in 1st gear in two wheel drive crawling over a few logs about ten inches around when I heard a ping like sound and then found I had no rear wheel drive. I could see the in put shaft from the trans to the diff turning but no rear wheels. I was able to get out in front wheel drive. This is the third time I have had to limp it back with just the front wheels. Im starting to look at other UTV'S as this thing is always breaking down. I have about 5000 easy miles on my T2 as I use it for hunting and trail riding. Help.

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Did you put in stronger bolts from Lenny? What broke last time? It's still t2 gearing ratio?

I'm guessing spider gear or side gear shafts if its not making noises like it's driving on few broken teeth off pinion... mine broke few teeth at pinion and chipped the ring gear but spider was still good.

Is there oil coming out anywhere?

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Hey big Dan which pinion shaft was you talking about? The pinion itself that mates to ring gear or the stub shaft that goes inside carrier to mate with spider gears?

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The spider gear cross shaft...The one that is smooth except the cut out in the middle were they mate.. Thanks.....

I edited my first post description I used wrong part name...

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Guest Lenny

If your missing the conical spacer behind one of the spider gears that would put more stress on the shaft because then only one side takes all the load. The upgrade actually grinds into one of the shafts making it weaker but we haven't had any problems with that and I was running 122hp and now the new owner is running 131hp. If someone over ground the shaft then maybe it was weakened too much. With the spider gears spaced properly, the stock shaft won't go back in and that is what necessitated the grinding. One mistake in the design is that the groove in the shaft has sharp square corners which is a no no for anything under flexing stress. The square corner concentrates the stress at that point instead of spreading it over a larger area as it does when its radiused.

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I had the diff go out about a year ago and found it hadn't been up graded like I was told so I had that done. I was told it wouldn't have any more issues 800.00 later. It is the T2 gearing, No oil running out any where and no gear noise at all.

Did you buy the diff already "upgraded" from a store without shimming it? One store told me that they have "upgraded unit" i asked what was upgraded they said stronger bolts and locking tabs to hold the bolt head from turning out... exactly what i already had in my t2 when it blew up...i used lenny kit to take out the sloppy end play

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