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This was our first snowfall last season, 50 cm about 20 inches end of october.Not usual that early that much. Record snowfall for us this year. Over 6 ft for the season. Never seen 15 ft snow drifts on the bald prairie. The old timers talk of this in the 40's and 50's. Our closest city Regina (yeah rymes with fun) 160,000 people, they still have remnants of snow removal from last year still melting. Biggest snow removal pile I've ever seen. Have other vids on my youtube channel. Motorbuilder22.

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The tracks are made by American Track Truck from the U.S. Chassis is all stock in the video, except for the 400 small block. Recently installed a 6 inch lift. Haven't had the tracks on yet this year, not much snow for us so far locally.

S10 1

This is how the truck looks now. Just a bit of a change.

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