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I need help from my fellow UTV'rs. I have a very steep driveway and my 2000 Kaw. Mule 2510 wants to "free wheel" going down it. I have it in low gear and even give it gas to try and get it to engage the low gear (due to it being a constant velocity transmission). It just wants to go faster. I need this machine to hold me back and creep down the hill, not go faster when I press on the throttle. I will need this for plowing my driveway this year. Anybody out there SLOW down their mule? linkage adjustments?

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Isn't the engine brake adjustable? I recall that mine had three levels of adjustment. Don't know if that will help at slower speed. Just depends on how /when it's designed to activate. What does the service manual say about it?

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I have a service manual and it doesn't mention anything about adjustable engine braking, nor anything about speed adjustment? Most forums are how to adjust the governor to make it go faster -not slow it down. Anyone else have some ideas? I cant be plowing my driveway with my foot on the brake constantly.

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Don't get enough snow in Texas to ever need a plow. So I've never done it. But wouldn't the drag from plowing the snow, slow the machine down significantly. Other than that, yes, it should be easy to adjust the linkage. But it'll change the way it drives, all the time. At work they had a kubota that was adjusted down. That thing would nearly put you through the windshield, every time you let off the gas.

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