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Detailed Topic Titles Please

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Please include as much detail in your topic title when starting a new discussion. This will ensure that you receive more responses and your topics are found by our search and external website searches.


Title: Tranny Problem

Better Title: 2010 Yamaha Rhino Tranny Slipping

Title: UTV Pics

Better Title: Ohio Valley UTV Riding Pictures

Title: Engine Dies

Better Title: 2009 Honda Big Red Engine Stalls

Thank you for helping us while we re-index UTVBOARD to be the best UTV forum/community available!

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    • By greendw100
      I have a Massimo 400 Buck that won't start. When I turn the key, I get nothing, no lights, the meter doesn't light up, etc... I replaced the ECU and everything lit up, it cranked perfect, ran for a couple of minutes and shut down again. I have tried calling Massimo, they are pathetic, have been waiting a week for a return call. Any idea where to look? 
    • By Mike Turner
      American SportWorks LM 650 won’t start at times. Starter won’t engage the solenoid just “clicks” much like a weak battery would cause. Battery was replaced and problem went away and then came back. Replaced positive battery terminal. Problem resolved then returned. Replaced negative battery terminal. Problem gone then returned. Replaced the positive and negative battery cable ends. Problem resolved and now returned. The repair lasts for maybe 12 starts, then the solenoid just “clicks” again as it will with a weak battery. So I replaced the ignition switch. Problem solved for a week. With each “fix” the problem is resolved but only temporarily. Does anyone have any suggestions ? To replace the starter is expensive especially if it’s not the problem. 
    • By jwienrich
      HI new to the forum so this is my first post and problem. So I have a 2005 Ranger 500 6x6 with a carb and do not have any power to the fuel pump. Research has suggested that it could be the pdm but after looking extensively through my machine I cannot find a pdm. I can only find 3 flat black thin boxes under the hood on the passenger side. Are there some ranger 500's without pdm's? I bought this machine new and it has never been messed with. This machine has been in storage for several years and has only 12 hours on it.
      Thanks, Jeff
      My Bad just looked at my title and its a 2004 not a 2005 so no PDM or ECM. Wiring is quite different so I need to take another look.
    • By Lyonel Geary
      When I try to back up a hill, belt squeals and engine surges.  Will not back up.  Never have any problem going forward on the steepest hills.  Have seen this problem posted before but, never an answer. 
    • By kenfain
      I see a lot of people here who need parts for vehicles that are obsolete. Having been originally bought at places like tractor supply. And are no longer made.
      These vehicles were made by a manufacturer that likely made several other brands. Might the parts for the other brands still be available? And will they interchange? 
      Even if they don't interchange with currently available parts. It would be helpful to know the original interchangeability. To make sourcing used parts easier. 
      I'd like to see a forum database of this information. A couple of charts ought to do it. We're seeing quite a few people looking for parts sourcing for stuff that really isn't that old. Yet no longer made. 
      Would there be any interest in having, and maintaining, and consolidating this information? It would have to be maintained, just to keep it concise, and uncluttered. Easy to understand, and navigate. 
      The members could contribute, but ultimately it would be the staff that would have to organize the information. 
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