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Sections Removed

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Effective today we have removed the BLOGS, MEMBER MAP, and CALENDAR sections. These were sections used the least.

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    • By ILFarmer
      Hello everyone, I used to frequent the joyner board here years ago.  I always got, and much appreciated great technical advice here.  I just purchased a new hold over 2019 Kawasaki teryx from Owen motorsports in Effingham, IL and am looking forward to delving into a whole new message board for my new unit lol.
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      New member from Central Texas. Have a 2013 Mule. Found this forum cause I have an issue with gas in the crankcase oil. Hope I can find a remedy on the forum. 
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      I have been restoring ATV's for a while now.... Started repairing and restoring UTV's a little over a year ago.. Looking forward to sharing some info here... :)

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