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2005 Mule 3010 Starter

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A repair shop said that I need a new starter. They said that it might take 10-15 hours labor to switch it out. They said that the engine has to be pulled. Does this sound right? Thanks

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That sounds like an lot of time to spend pulling a motor, that's relatively easy to get to. I'd call a different dealer and ask a couple questions. First I'd ask if the motor has to be pulled to replace the starter. If the answer is no, then you'll know the other place is less than honest. If yes then ask what the book time is on starter replacement.

No matter which place you take it to, let them make the diagnosis. If you take it to the second place, and tell them you think it needs a starter then that's what they'll replace. If that's not actually your problem, then you're out of luck on getting them to then fix your problem without paying extra. If they give a wrong diagnosis then they have some amount of liability to make it right.

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