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Canister connected to valve cover

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Is the chromed canister directly connected to the valve cover important? I can only imagine this being some sort of EPA thing? The previous owner ran a hose from the valve cover to the rear (that's how bad the blow-by was). And the small hose coming from the top of the valve cover I assume goes to the opposite side of the canister? Aside from buying a new canister, what should I do with these ports?

I borrowed this image from another post by Plumber... how do I get images to display as a thumbnail?



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Not the one in the back (top on pic), the one with the hose coming out of the valve cover (breather) and going directly to it. The small hose is missing on mine, but I assume it also goes to the canister because blow-by was coming out of it too.

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Mine is 2008... but that pic above isn't of mine. I don't know what year that trooper in pic is. Mine has the back canister with the screw off top (hose going to the radiator), but where the other canister is I have nothing but an empty bracket.

here is a pic of mine with missing canister. You can see an empty bracket if you look close enough.


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I made my own canister, see attached, the port on the valve cover goes to an oil/air separator, the oil returns to the pan on the forward passenger side and the air goes to the intake after the filter. Mine was bypassing so much that the chrome canister had oil running down the outside, this contraption won't leak. If you have questions, ask




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