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New 3 Cylinder Supercharger

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This is our new 3 cylinder Supercharger.Just drill a few holes install belt connect a few wires and you are ready to go.Inter cooler built right in included.This unit is a module.Fits 3 cylinder 4 cylinders Chery!



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We are working on our 3 cylinder engine.Our bolt on supercharger with water meth injection.We are getting the 800 cc engine in good shape

so we can run some test.Once we get it running good we will do some test.Our fuel management system is being worked on now.We need to get it working on this build.We are going to try to keep the price under control.

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Here is also a short video about how the water/meth injection system works with superchargers. This is a similar set up to how we will be using water/meth injection with our supercharger


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