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trooper 1100 2010 ONLY DOWN STEEP GRADES

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ok utv runs great AFTER i talked to BRANDON at Joyner USA, was having an issue when operating temps were up to norms, it would like just run out of gas and NOT start again till cooled, so I figured VAPOR LOCKED, well Brandon said yes they has problems with those in those years and earlier, to take to fuel filter that was BEFORE the fuel pump and put in after the fuel pump, and I did so, and the filter was pretty much plugged, so changing it was needed anyhow, that change made the fuel pressure go from 4 psi to 4.5 psi, and I AM NOT SURE what it really calls for on pressures, it was there when I bought it a week ago, but some reason now it runs great, starts great, but when it goes down a huge hill it studders the rpm or may chug itself out if that happens or you stall it, you basically have to wait till its cool again to restart, UNLESS I use starting fluid that kicks it only tried this the last time It stalled and would not start, showing fuels  to rails at 4.5 ps.


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You need to have a least 50 psi at the gauge.You need to stay up on maintenance running the fuel pump with a clogged filter puts extra strain on the pump.Due you run low on gas that puts extra strain on fuel pump.Trooper can not run on 5 lbs of pressure are you using the right reading on the gauge i think you

are looking at the wrong reading on the gauge has 2 scales use the big one.If you have any questions just call 929 246 6819


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well you are correct on the pressure, it was 62 psi, never paid attention to which was called what, now knowing that and it has a new filter AFTER the fuel pump, why would at times if you stalled it, not start till it got cold, and when you go down huge hills it acts like its going out of gas but has not stopped running there yet, guy in parts store sold me a small glass filter with white filters , with 3 filters in a pack, says right on the package not for fuel injection, but he said others use them all the time, maybe I should take it back????????????????

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Well took the glass fuel filter back and got all metal one designed for fuel pumps, dont know why the other would not have worked but said NOT for fuel injection systems.

DRAINED all the existing gas from tank, looked and smelled bad, the added my favorite additive MECHANIC IN A BOTTLE, that shit is the best I have ever used, it fixes about any and all dirt related gas issues and carbon and some others, I swear by it since it came out been using with great luck, think I found it again at RURAL KING............

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From your description it sure sounds like you have a fuel starvation problem.  I would keep the fuel filter before the fuel pump to protect the pump form failure.  Your fuel starvation problem could be a crack or loose pickup tube in the fuel tank that is exposed to air above the fuel level inside the tank.  Another owner on another board went through his entire fuel system.  Cleaned the tank, installed the filter before the fuel pump (his was installed backwards), replaced fuel lines, cleaned the pickup tube, added a vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator to the intake air plenum.  His problem was fuel starvation after about 15-20 minutes of operation on level ground.  But his issues may lead you to a solution.  I doubt he had to go through all that, but he cold almost guarantee that he'd fix the problem.

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well Joyner usa c/o Brandon told me about the fuel filter problems they has that would put my machine in to what he called a vapor lock, told me to take toe filter and put after the fuel pump, no today I cleaned tank completely, just purchased bike and smelled like real old gas, so never got to try tonight most likely tomorrow, but I have to replace water pump first tomorrow cause it is leaking through the weepholes at times


and the filter was partially plugged real hard to blow thru, so that unit was a hinderance also

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replaced the fule filter up from fuel pump drained out OLD gas, added a lot of my favorite gas/engine cleane MECHANIC IN A BOTTLE swear best shit around for buildups in gas or valves and then some found at rural king, used it in some bad running engines and ALWAYS HAS came through for me, so i did it here in joyner too, well all surging is gone now................

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trooper 1100 2010 ONLY DOWN STEEP GRADES, you weren't clear on this, but on my 08, the gas leaves the the tank at the rear, so when going down a long steep hill with less than a half tank, the outlet uncovers and the pump, filter and the rest of the system runs out of gas until you level out and then it has to purge the air in the system before it will run good again.  To fix this, I added a surge tank the and pulled the fuel off the bottom and the return went to the top, the surge tank was kept full by a low pressure pump from the main tank.

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