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09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc

shady light

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Hi everyone! I am the new proud owner of a 09 joyner trooper 1100cc.. unfortunately it has a few issues.. alternator, red shift cable,and power steering pump needs to be replaced.. it seems these parts are pretty pricey on any of the joyner dealer sights..i saw someone on here that said they have parts cheaper... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance 

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Welcome to the forum. 

I don't get on here as much as I used to. 

Man, as far as I know not many troopers had a ps pump. Can you get pictures? 

I suggest finding alternative sources on as much as you can. If you can find an alternator or ps pump at the local autoparts store then you can just get it whenever and not have to order. I am certain there is info on this forum about another type of alternator that will work. Just keep searching. 

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On 11/20/2017 at 0:51 PM, shady light said:

Hi everyone! I am the new proud owner of a 09 joyner trooper 1100cc.. unfortunately it has a few issues.. alternator, red shift cable,and power steering pump needs to be replaced.. it seems these parts are pretty pricey on any of the joyner dealer sights..i saw someone on here that said they have parts cheaper... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance 

Sounds like you bought a machine that has been modified with hydraulic steering.   Bad news in my opinion.  If the wires in the alternator still look good, it could just be the brushes, I've fixed a few for fellow members, just charge for shipping and parts I have to buy to fix it. 

Take some photos of the rig and the bad parts and post them. Plus, fill out the profile, maybe one of us lives just around the corner

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This is the hydraulic steering pump.. Probably also not a good enough pic.. it is located on the bottom right rear of the engine and machine.. the reservoir is a cast aluminum square box located on the front of the frame just under the hood.. my question is.. is it supposed to be vented? Because it is not.. it seems to be a sealed system 


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I'm not a fan of any "cure in a can" solution, but you might try some belt dressing.  It makes the belt and pulley have a slightly higher coefficient of friction.  If the belt is slipping, that may help.  The squealing from belt slipping is different than a whining from low PS fluid level.

Another thought of mine.  Most PS systems that I'm familiar with  have the reservoir at the pump or very close to it.  Yous is located quite a distance; probably because of clearance problems with the installation.  That could be an issue.to consider.  Pumps are of four general types: a combination of high/low pressure with high/low volume.  PS pumps are Low Volume High Pressure.  They aren't capable of drawing a high vacuum through a long line.

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Which leads me back to the original reason why i am mythed about it.. works fine after i turn the steering wheel back and forth a few times... belt is tight.. apparently good pressure... im thinking debris in the system.. if not it my be a check valve for ventilation.. but no one has confirmed weather or not it is a closed or vented system... no one knows anything about my abomination lol.. 

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