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Diff upgrade help


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Ok guys I tore my diff apard anfrer shearing the ring gear bolts. Drug my butt after rearing it down, yesterday while placing a McMaster Carr order I searched the board for the part number and added the bolt s to my normal order. They showed up this morning and I realized they are long , really long. I grabbed a set of calipers and mic'ed the carrier and ring gear and come up with about 16mm in length.


So the question is why in the worldvare the bolts that folks talk about 40mm long ? Are you guys ordering them long so that they have a shank at the top where they go thru the carrier & cutting them off ?


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Yes!!! that is exactly the reason. I am the one who started the act of using these bolts, my reasoning being that the thread acts as a place for the bolt to start shearing, just cut them all to length and remember, you have to grind the head down also, I think I posted a photo of that also.  to grind them down, I used a drill and a grinder, and I never did agree with those who put nuts on the bolts, 

AND while you have access to the mating surfaces, sand them so the locktite has a little more to grab onto when you apply it to all the very clean surfaces and bolt when you do your final assembly. 

did you find any instruction on how to do all this or have they been lost?


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Jeff I didnt find any instructions. I cut the bokts to legth and shimmed the pinion to sit as deep as possible. I realized why these diffs break. They are junk. Lol . I can't shim the carrier to adjust back lash. Well without maching the case to allow for the carrier to move

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2 hours ago, ricksrb said:

I have a copy Lenny sent me back in 2010. Hopefully you can open it.

Joyner Trooper Dif Kit FINAL DRAFT.doc

BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANKS, I have added it to Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners as 

Joyner Trooper Differential Rebuild Kit .doc, figured it would show up in searches better with that name.

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Ah man now the direction come out, too late for me. The lousy part was I spoke to Silver bullet and he said he had never heard of anyone shimming the spider gears. I had planned to do that just like I do in other diffs. I sorted thru my shims and found what was need to shim the pinion but didn't see any shims behinde the bearing on the carrier to tighten backlash anymore. Now I wish I just went with my plan and shimmed the spiders. I could have ordered plenty of shims. It is better but not ideal. Hopefully it lasts another few years an I can reset up as I'd like later. Bad thing is I tigged the spider gear shafts to the carrier as per Silver bullet but I could easily dress the weld with an endmill and pull them out

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