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2007 trans 3010

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Newbie here. Picked up this machine at a auction. It fell into ice and spend some time under water. Lucky for me it was cold and it froze quickly. After lots of fluid changes and minor repairs it has been solid for 10 hours of use.  Anyway few questions

Does this machine have brake lights and tailights?. If so where is brake light switch

Anyone have location of horn and relay?

Does overheat light come on when key is on?

Where is parking brake switch for light on dash?


I will say this thing is well built for tough work.


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Yes it has brake lights and tail lights in one.  It should turn on when you flip the light switch, and the brake light comes on when you press the brake pedal.  Most models have a spring attached to the pedal  that goes to a switch just above the pedal.  

 And as far as i know, they don't have a horn,stock unless one is added .

14 hours ago, Matthew Hencinski said:

Does overheat light come on when key is on?

 Do you mean while the engine is running, or just when you turn the key  to the ON position? because the key has 3 positions. Off, On and Start (Engine).

Welcome to the board and Congrats on your purchase of a great machine.  If you need any parts look here: https://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/c/kawasaki_utility_2007_prior/parts


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Mine is an 05 diesel. The only light that lights up before starting is the oil pressure light. Of course yours could be different. I think they went to some kind of onboard computer system soon after mine was built, but I don't know when. So yours could be a completely different machine. 

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