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What weight of oil and brand Joyner 1100

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I live in the desert southwest where temperatures go above 115 a few days a year.  On my next oil change, I'm going to try 10w or 20w-50.  My Renegade oil pressure at idle is barely 10psi (new sending unit).  I prefer 20psi at idle.   I'm hoping that will improve my oil pressure at idle.  Edited:  The 2016 owner's manual for the Renegade (it has the same 1100cc engine as the Trooper) say to use 10W30-50 oil.

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Monty Herbold...Run  Royal Purple 20W-50!!

 And Dan B ......I ride out in Johnson valley Ca, .... I've always ran Royal Purple 20w-50.  First time out on start up had 30-40psi at idle and had 70+psi if I was on it...... But dropped to 10-15psi when just of the trail (Hot) and at idle..(still 70psi if on it)... Needed better cooling!   What you need is a Oil cooler kit + Royal Purple 20w-50!! That's what fixed it for me!!

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Okay!  Thanks for the info.  I'll look at getting an oil cooler.  There was one time I noticed that my idle pressure was about 10 psi.  Then later during the same ride it was near 20 psi.  I'm wondering if a problem is developing in the oil pressure relief (bypass valve) adjustment; maybe sticking slightly open at times.  I'm not familiar enough with the Chery engines but I do know that regular cars have that adjustment in the oil pump.  Older cars had that adjustment in the engine block near the oil filter.

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Mine was similar but, I could attribute the low pressure to oil temperature from the riding I had just been doing (lots of throttle and heavy loads).. I don't have an oil temp gauge but, I just know that the oil was hot LoL!! I'd go with  the cooler and if you got problems still.. I'd say it might be in the oil bypass for you.. If so, it's in the oil pump assembly on a chery engine! But, lets hope not!! LMAO




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