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Massimo 500 questions/parts


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1-Got  some clicking type noise as if metal to metal and sounds like it is coming from both front and rear A arms. They don't have anything their to grease except maybe take the bolt out and slide back in it?

2-Also manual doesn't give a brand name for the oil filter or a cross reference to buy one at auto parts store.

3-Air filter---where is it? manual I goggled has it in 2 different locations but NO air filter to be found. Maybe it doesn't have one.

4-Love the buggy so far, got LED lights, stereo system, seat covers.......yep and got stuck mugging first time out but had a blast.



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Well got the filter/housing  out of buggy (had to loosen the entire shifter/brake assembly). Dude I bought  buggy from lied to me...it was so nasty I was surprised it would even start. Even 5 year old grandson didn't want to touch it.

Dropped oil pan bolt to change oil and it to was nasty, let it drain for awhile while I played with grandson. Can back and has some overspill on driveway. Cleaning the belly pan under motor and a spring with small filter from that belly pan from on ground as I was cleaning. I assumed it came from on top of drain plug. Spring fit in plug with a small screen type filter towards pan and I screwed it in, HOPE that is the way it goes. Had to go out of town to work so I stopped there. Headed this week to Tractor Supply for air/oil filters in my work town. I guess I should check gear case oil as I am being surprised on taking someone else's word for maintenance.

None If I can figure out the noise from A arm front and back, another weekend.

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I realize this is a old post but if you are still having the metal to metal noise from the Arms I would check your bushings.  Mine wore out fairly quickly.  I order new ones from an online dealer and they are much better than the stock bushing.

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