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coleman 500 outfitter wont turn over

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i have a coleman 500 outfitter 

engine will not turn over by using the ignition but will when you jump the starter silenoid 

also when it is running using this the battery is not charging 

i have replaced the ignition and starter sileniod still no difference 

near the passenger side wheel well area there was a wire with a plug that had a plug with resistor on it and the resistor is fried i havent been able to figure out a replacement part for it 

im hoping someone has some ideas on this 


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That appears to be a diode.  Can you see any labeling that might start with "1N".  That signifies a diode and no a resistor.  I'll see if I can find something online about it.  But maybe another Coleman owner or dealer can ID the part in the meantime.  A website I visited said that the Coleman may be a rebranded Hisun UTV.

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Normally the only thing preventing the engine from starting is the brake lock out switch, some units need the parking brake to be applied to be able to start. Next would be the neutral selector switch. Some engines need to ensure the unit is in neutral to start. By the look of that connector, it might be a bypass switch of sorts. But start with the basics, check to ensure the parking brake does not have a switch on it more than two wires. Two wires will be needed to send the signal to the instrument to allow the dash light to come on letting you know the parking brake is on, if it has more than 2 wires, then its likely also working as a safety switch to prevent the engine from starting without the parking brake on. As for the neutral switch, it should have more than two wires, this has to be working for the engine to start. Although the dash light might light up, that doesnt mean the switch is fully operational. If the switch is faulty, then it will not send the signal to the starter relay allowing the engine to turn over.

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