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2011 yardsport ys 400


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Well, I know a little about these clutches. are you still having issues with them? And if so, what is happening to the wet clutch. and second, are you having any issues with the outer clutches at all? When you replaced the clutch, did you use an OEM clutch or an aftermarket one? Did you replace the one way bearing as well. and when you replaced the clutch, did you replace the outer clutch drum?


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The Yardsport YS400 is a mix of parts from the Yamaha parts bin. The manufacture is HiSUN, who also happens to manufacture parts for Yamaha and more OEM's. The bottom end is basicaly the same as the Yamaha 350 Grizzly/Bruin. The top end is more of less off of a Yamaha Kodiak 400, early 2002 style. I would start by using OEM Yamaha parts for the clutch. 2007-2011 Yamaha Grizzly 350 wet clutch. the parts are of higher quality than the Chinese counterparts. This might be part of your problem. They bolt right on and will work and last much better.

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