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2011 mule 610 fuel in oil?


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Dipstick shows pale color, dont think its water, smells like fuel, oil changed one week ago, level is very high.

First I thought it was water condensed into the oil...but someone pointed out the smell, and it doesn't look white-milky. And a half qt or so in one week?

So is it possible to get fuel leaking into the oil?



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Don't know if this will help, but it looked interesting, and possibly relevant. If you end up finding that the fuel pump is the problem. I'm not sure what obstacle the poster ran into that made him go this way, instead of an actual repair. But sometimes there's little choice. But until we know what the problem is, this is a cheap alternative, and a quick fix. If it's a stuck float, a fuel cut off is always a good idea anyway. And it'll stop that particular issue. Although it won't actually fix the real problem, it'll stop the unwanted gas.


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4 hours ago, Muledaze said:

Travis, any advice on how to check for these conditions? I'm not much of a mechanic but a fast learner.

Stuck float should be easy.

locate the carb, take off the bowl, (bowl nut on carb, ) the float should be level, not hanging down.


fuel pump:

Pretty much, just replace it. They don't make any repair parts for them.


Found this thread reply on another forum, seems to be a common problem with the 610

 a dirty carburetor...or a bad float ...or a bad inlet needle.


What is happening is that the gasoline is bypassing the float needle and is overflowing. Then it goes through this passageways and into the oil pan.


IF there is dirt that has gotten onto the needle or seat, this will hold the needle open.


If there is a small hole in the float, then the float will sink allowing too much gas to enter the carburetor. causing this problem.


If the needle or seat has worn or has a chip in it, then the gas will bypass them and flow into the oil.


This is a very common problem.


ALSO, if you have a vacuum operated fuel pump, the diaphram inside the pump may have gotten a hole in it. This will allow gasoline to pass through the diaphram and into the oil supply.


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So finally the Mule stops idling; you have to rev it up to keep it running . I look under the hood and there's light brown/grey fuel-oil leaking from the fuel pump breather spot,  Then I look at the air inlet on the carb and there's the same stuff sloshing around the fitting where the air enters. I think that's pretty weird.  It's hard enough picturing how the fuel enters the oil (through "breather" hoses?) but now we've got oil in the fuel supply.  I replaced the pump a couple weeks ago.  I have a new carb on order.  Does this sound like the float bowl thing?  I just cannot understand how the oil gets in the fuel pump and carb.

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Here's what happened: so much fuel had gotten into the oil that the oil reservoir was at least a quart too full so that stuff was leaking out everywhere - into the air intake, out the fuel pump, etc.  I dumped all that and filled with new oil, starts and runs ok now but have smoke out the tail pipe.  I'm thinking there was some ring damage and oil is burning in there.  I did let it run for awhile to see if it would burn off but no, still got smoke. 

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