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Trooper t2 starting issue

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Hello there, I have 4 T2 troopers, 2 of them start and run like Champs, 2 of them have the issue. They will crank and crank but not start. Takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get them going, then they will run all day long and fire up at will every time. It's just the cold start they have a problem with. Since I have 2 that run good, I have swapped every part you can think of from the fuel system to ignition system with no success. I'm pretty stumped and am looking for any advice 

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Without knowing what you swapped, you'll get a lot of suggestions to check things you've already done. 

Leaking fuel injector could cause the issue by flooding the cylinder(s) with excess fuel.  Run the engine for about 20 minutes.  Let it sit for about 1 hour.  Remove the spark plugs to see if any are wet with fuel.  That cylinder's injector will be the problem.

This one is a stretch:  Fuel pump electrical circuit.  Turn on the ignition without cranking the engine.  Can you hear the fuel pump run for about 5 seconds?  If not, find out why.  That time is priming the fuel system to the injectors.  After the engine starts (from long cranking), a second circuit takes over supplying electrical power to the fuel pump.  If you can, check the fuel pressure on the fuel rail.  That pressure should build to about 40-50 psi from the time the ignition is turned on (before cranking the engine) through the engine start and run.

Apply a little accelerator while trying to start the engine.  If it starts fine, the throttle body needs cleaning or service.

If the intake air temperature sensor or coolant temperature sensor is faulty, that can cause hard starting.  One of them sends info to the ECU to tell it to add more fuel for starting (only if the engine is cold).

After checking these, I'd be at a loss, too.

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