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1993 Mule 2510 vibration

Jim Boehmer

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I have a pretty bad vibration on accelloration at speeds, not from a stand still. U-joints & center support are fine, no slippage in the clutch, engine is fine, runs normal. Wheels, brakes, bearings all good, CV joints ok and really nothing obvious causing this vibration.

I am wondering about the Drive Convertor. Does anyone know what a bad convertor can produce as far as problems go. I have not diss assembled or inspected it yet. I have replaced the clutch a few times  over the 26 years. 

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39 minutes ago, Jim Boehmer said:

what were you thinking it would be of? The vibration while its moving? 

This just got me thinking.

 My 550 has the same drive set up as yours.

 Start the Mule, and put it in Neutral, and rev the engine as you would speeding  if you while driving, if there is no vibration, then more than likley it ISN'T the clutch. be cause it operates the same as when you're in gear.

 Did i make my point clear? i'm bad at transferring thoughts into  typed words.

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