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1999 Mule 2500 Park Brake Engaged Indicator Light Bulb


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Does anybody know where to get one of these bulbs? 

It is the one that lights up when the park brake is applied. Same as the one that lights up when the engine is over temperature.

I have checked several places locally without success.

Thanks, Mike


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I've looked through all diagrams that show with and have to do with the dash, and didn't see anything.

 If you want, im going to the local Kawasaki dealership tomorrow to pick up some parts for my mule, if you want i can give the parts guy your mule model and year, and i'll print these pictures and show to him and maybe he can figure out something.


I just found a picture of a dash on Mule 2500 and it looks like someone else added that afterwards.  It might also be a option at original purchase. and also in the parts diagram, it shows this dash panel, and all the cutouts for the holes and SHIFT  lever, but no cutout for where that light goes. You might have to change connectors behind it and wire in a little LED light or something.


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@Travis Thanks for all the effort. I think maybe you are right that it was an option becuase it sure looks like a factory installation. I thought that all the water cooled Mules came with an over temp warning light as standard though????

Anyhow another member directed me to a great website bulbtown.com  and I was able to identify two possibilites and ordered them both.

If you are willing and your dealer can add any info I would love to have it but if not I think it's likely that I have a solution coming in the mail soon.

I fished in Canada this June with a guy from Conroe. I lived in Houston for a year in 1993.

Thanks again.

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