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Newbie looking to buy Pioneer SxS

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Hi All, 

I'm to buy a new SxS Pioneer 700-4 or 1000-5. I found a local dealer that has brand new 2016 and 2017 still on their lot.

Would anyone consider buying one of these...just wondering why they are still around and still brand new.



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One big advantage with the 2017 pioneer is that they upgraded and put a better transmission in it.

I really think the main thing when buying a UTV is having a good dealer close by, for parts, service and any possible recall fixes.

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Thanks, I was not aware that honda transmissions were an issue. I'm planning on going with a 2017-2019 ...best deal I can get.

Thanks for the heads up.



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Buy the 1000-5.. You won't be disappointed!! I got a buddy with a 2017 and its been a beast of a machine!! Powerful and fast for the rated power stock!! Keeps up with my other buddy's tuned and piped RzR1000 in speed and off-road capabilities no problem! He's got 3000 hard miles on and it still feels brand new! Some videos with it on my youtube..

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