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Hisun Sector 750 Accessory switch


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which model HiSun do you have?

The following may or may not work 

I've done this before:

Cut off the plugs (should be male and female) of The utvs connector, and strip the wire, install crimp connectors. Do the same for the Light connector.

I usually use this type, https://www.amazon.com/Nilight-GO-05-Terminals-Connectors-Circuit/dp/B00SUTYYS2/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=quick+connectors+electrical&qid=1572137472&sprefix=quick+connectors&sr=8-5


any hardware store should have them.

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I have the Sector 750. I guess my problem is I don’t know which wires lead to this switch? I pulled the switch and it’s fully wired into the wiring harness but where  it leads to I havn’t figured out. There is one  plug dangling under  the plastic near the fuse box  with a double wire going to it..

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On my 2021 750 EPS there (4) #16awg  Wires on the back of the "ACCT" Switch from Top to Bottom as if viewed from the windshield looking the vehicle. They are (top to bottom:

Or/Rd - 12vdc from Fuse 15 panel under front hood/cowling

Yel/Red - switched (above 12vdc) to Rear Driver Side Gray Plug

Blue/Brn - 12vdc from Fuse 15 panel under front hood/cowling

Red/Brn - switched (above 12vdc) Passenger Side Fender Well Gray Plug 


In my case I used the switched  red/Brn to trigger a Relay to Drive a 52in Curved Light Bar. I plan on using the Rear ACCY Plug to drive (2) work lights over the Bed pointing to rear.  For those looking for the "elusive" Gray Plug it looks like the photo...EXCEPT there is a water proof pug blanking it off.  Mine was Black





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