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HISUN STRIKE 250 oil filter


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    • By Tim Barbero
      I left my 2020 axis 500 UTV parked under the carport for about 6 months and when I went to start it recently a squirrel has built a nest under the throttle body and chewed through the efi harness.  I stripped all the wires back and reconnected them with waterproof butt connectors.  The problem I have is there is one blue wire with a red stripe coming from the main harness this wire has 5 volts dc showing on my multimeter but there are two blue wires with a red stripe coming from 2 different sensors on the throttle body.  I looked through all of the bits and pieces of wiring left behind and there’s no indication that the three wires of the same color were all tied together.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
    • By Gary Gallo
      Just wondering if anyone has had problems with bed warping coming from the heat from the muffler.. If I ride more than 5 minutes my bed starts warping from the heat.. Does anyone have any recommendations on what wrap or shield I can get to prevent this before my bed starts cracking or the warping becomes permanent.. I only have about 50hrs on the UTV.. Basspro said they haven’t had this problem from anyone else.. Hard to believe..
    • By Kenbaz
      Well, the subject says it all!  After the motor stopped, I went out and bought gas and filled the tank.  Tried to start and it just cranked - no fire. I assumed I had spark, because nothing changed there. I pulled the plug and could not smell gas. The plug was dry. Put it back in and tried to flood it by piumping the pedal, but it was still dry when I  took out again. 
         The gas gage red fuel lights didn't seem to recognize that I filled the tank (see previous fuel Haugen posts).  Disconnected and reconnected the negative battery terminal hoping it would reset any interlocks that might be set. Now the ignition panel will not light up when ignition turned to "On".  Things are getting worse instead of better!  Have the fuse panel open, will check fuses tomorrow. Can anyone help me get back on track?  No shop here in Tucson will work on it!  Nice unit. But you're on your own for maintenence. Thanks for any help!
    • By Phil S
      I have a Massimo Buck 450 and last winter I had the snow plough added by my dealer. After about 15 minutes of ploughing the plough went down but would not lift up. Upon inspection, it appears that the winch is permanently in the free-spool. When you try to wind back in the spool just spins. It is out of warranty and upon looking at replacing I am not sure how I would go about it.
      Has anyone had similar issues?
      Has anyone replaced it with a new winch? is so what model and how was it installed?
      Any help is welcomed.
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    • By papillion22
      I'll start by saying i'm learning as i go & have come a long way, but there are some maintenance issues on my mule sx that must be addressed & i've got nobody around with experience & cannot bring it to a shop.
      I've got rolling resistance when i jack up the front wheels. Months ago i thought i was possibly a brake issue but didn't yet have the equip. to pull the wheel hubs or press them back on... but the noise/friction seemed to resolve itself. I just checked up on it because i've got the tools for dealing with the brake system now and i noticed the wheels dont really spin... theres a lot of resistance and i can hear it coming from the front diff. I can't remember if it used to do that before, but i dont think it did. Its not the drive shaft or u-joints, but i've yet to pull them to be certain. it really sounds like its in the front diff. just where the drive shaft connects.
      Should the front wheels - when in neutral and in 2wd and no diff. lock - spin freely? Theres too much drag for mine to even go once around. Can anyone point me in a direction? Otherwise its trial and error with cv axles, ball joints, brakes, etc. and i dont have the $ or time for that. 
      I'm in over my head and really hoping someone can help. I'll try to make a video of whats happening, hopefully the sound will come through well. Maybe that will help diagnose it. Thanks.
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