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2017 Hisun/Cub Cadet Challenger 750 EPS won't start


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Hi everyone - Since Hisun makes Cub Cadet Challengers i am posting this here too as well as the cub cadet forum in hopes of reaching someone who can help me. 

I was driving my 2017 Cub Cadet Challenger 750 EPS today on the ranch when it dies on me. It started right up - and then as i was driving after about 50 feet the engine just turned off. It was running perfect before it cut out on me. No alarms, no weird sounds or smells. It just turned off.  When I turn the ignition key, the starter cranks away and the battery and starter turns fast and strong - but the engine doesn't start. I've confirmed gas flow to the carb - that the fuel filters are clean and clear. I've replaced the spark plug with a brand new one. I checked every fuse with a meter. I have confirmed air filters and airflow are good.  But the darn thing cranks away without the engine even making a sputter or even attempting to fire. Is there a kill switch somewhere that could have been tripped? I checked the seatbelt sensor, the brake sensor, and parking gear sensor - all are working and i'm in Park, pressing down on the brake, and have the seatbelt latched when i try to start. but - nada! It acts like it isn't getting a spark. but like i said i put in a new spark plug. I have a feeling there is a sensor or an electrical kill switch somewhere that tripped.  open to any ideas.

thanks all,


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Turns out the timing chain came off due to worn camshaft and sprockets. Need to replace $700 in parts.

Never missed an oil change and always used good synthetic oil. The metal inside these engines seems to be very cheap metal. 

Pretty disappointing since it only has 180 hours on it and less than 500 miles. 

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180 hours and the  cam is wore out?????? Dang!

They should give you the parts! Cams should do at least 1300 hours in a single cylinder small engine.

If it's a chinese engine, they probably made them out of pot metal.

I would look for a  heavy duty diesel engine oil, like Rotella or Delo.

They have what these smaller engines need, especially cams.

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Don’t use any engine oil besides the recommended cub utv/atv engine oil, it’s a cub cadet product with special synthetics. The tensioner operates with a spring, remove the tensioner, there’s a cap screw on top, once cap screw is removed you can use a small flathead to test spring rebound. The tensioner should measure out to 58 nm fully extended. These should be checked regularly. Not the greatest thing to have to do but I hope it helps. 

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