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Kawasaki Mystery Engine Model Number ...Can you solve it?

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What is the Kawasaki engine model number for the side by sides listed below.  I had an older Ute with the 401cc Kawasaki FJ 400D, but it had a carburetor, and a flywheel magneto ignition system.
This new 401cc engine with EFI, and electronic ignition looks like a big improvement over the old.  But, I can’t find the Kawasaki engine model number?

Kawasaki 401 cc (24.47 cu. in.) single cylinder, 4-stroke, gas 
Bore x Stroke: 3.23x2.99 in
Compression Ratio: 8.6:1
Maximum Torque: 21.4 lb-ft @ 2400 rpm
Valve Train: Single-Cylinder OHV
Engine Vibration: Internal Counter Rotating Balance Shaft
Fuel System: Closed-loop electronic fuel injection
Horsepower (KW): 13.5 hp
Electrical System: Starter/Generator — Solid State Regulator
(Note: Some versions/listings state: "Alternator Output (max)22.9 amp")
Lubrication: Pressurized Oil System
Oil Filter: Spin-On (Item#: 49065-7010)
Cooling System:  Air Cooled
Ignition System: Electronic Inductive Spark
Air Cleaner: Replaceable Dry Cartridge (item #:  11013-7029)

Utility vehicles/side by sides that use this engine:

2021MULE SX™ 4x4 FI

2020 E-Z-GO Express™ S4 Elite Gas

Cushman Shuttle 4 EFI Gas

Cushman Hauler 1200

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They're still using the FJ400 in the mule SX, though it may have a different spec number (FJ400-xxxxx) due to it being  EFI...

the first characters in Kawasaki model numbers gives the CC of the engine (FE290 = 290cc, FJ400= 400 or 401 cc) and then the second set are the spec numbers which describe the variation of that model..

 I've got some friends over on a small engine forum that deal with Kawasaki engine's I'll ask them, they might know exactly.

Are you looking for parts or just curious about the Engine?

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Thank you for your quick response...and the  coding info.   My son just bought a new Tracker OX400, and we  went looking for maintenance parts...oil/fuel/air filters, spark plugs etc.  The dealer prices on that stuff seemed  high, so we  searched for cross references.   Of course, one of the first things you usually need is the engine model  number.  We did find  the following:

FILTER-AIR (outer)
Kawasaki  item #'s 11013-7029, 11013-7048, 11013-1290, M113621, MIU10783, 820263.

WIX Filters - 46449 Heavy Duty Radial Seal Outer Air

Item# 49065-7010


   Is there anything  about the Kawasaki  two letter prefixes (FJ, in this case) that indicate whether the engine has a horizontal or vertical shaft?

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Some of their commercial mower engines designate the shaft orientation at the end of the of the model series "FC400V" vertical 

And Kawasaki seems to use D to designate a Horizontal shaft engine.

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Might try calling Kawasaki Cust. Service, 866-802-9381

tthey might can help you sort it out

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