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Honda Pioneer 700 windshields?

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Just bought my first SxS UTV.  Curious about pros and cons of the various windshield designs.  Most of my riding will be in warm, dusty weather.  Sometimes overhanging brush.  After dark, lots of bugs.  Appreciate any help.

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Welcome to the UTVBoard!

I would definitely recommend a windshield made of Lexan, it's stronger than plexiglass and very clear, However it scratches easy so if a company selling offers a hard coating, get it. Even wiping off dust with a paper towel can create mini scratches, so the recommended cleaning method is wash it off with water and dry with a microfiber towel. Lexan is also impact resisant and it will bend before it breaks.

Here are some Honda windshields. https://offroadarmor.com/product-category/sxs-utv/honda/pioneer/windshields-pioneer-honda/

We bought a windshield from them for my Grandad's MuleSX, with the Areo vents in it, he said he can feel the air move through them... but since the Mule is open cab for the most part, wind is easily blown around... it may be different for the honda.

here's the Areo vent for the Honda 700







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