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I am looking for a 4 seat UTV that is inexpensive  -  that is designed for fun but also designed for some work when needed. I have narrowed it down to the following options:

1: Can Am Commander

2: Joyner Trooper

3: Joyner Renegade.

Can anyone tell me how I could sit in any of options 2-3? There are not many dealers in my area (York, PA) and I don't know anyone that owns one - I can't even find anyone trying to sell one. For me, this is a big deal because I am 6'2" and fitting in a UTV with out feeling cramped is already difficult - I have already ruled out the Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Honda Talon, and Yamaha Wolverine. The Can Am Commander is my number one option at this point because I had the best driving position in it. I also felt a Yamaha YXZ was reasonably comfortable; however, they don't make a 4 seat version. Can anyone give me their perspective on how roomy the Joyners are compared to what I have already sat in?

Where do you find enclosures for the Trooper and Renegade? I have seen people who post having them; however, I can't seem to find who makes them.


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I would go with Can Am, mainly because from what i've seen on internet forums, Joyner parts can sometimes be hard to come by, and it seems getting a hold of Joyner to get help when your machine breaks is sometimes hit or miss. notice i said When your machine breaks.

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Can't help you on your decision for a choice of which individual machine to buy. But you should buy a trusted name brand. Buy once cry once. You'll spend more time enjoying the heck out of it. Instead of cussing it, and wondering why there's no repair information available.

   These newer machines have onboard computers, but it's hard to use the diagnostic port. Mostly because of the scarcity of readers, or information. These days having a code reader is essential. But the port on these aren't OBD2. And there's little to no customer service to guide you through this.

  I know it's no help, but I tell everyone who is buying a new S×S. Get a golf cart instead, if there's any way that it might possibly fit your needs. The price, options, accessories, are all in your favor. With an expensive S×S, nothing is easy, or cheap. But you really can't take a golf cart off roading. So there's that.

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Does anybody know where to get a power steering kit for a 2018 joyner renegade r2?  Or is there another utv that has parts that will work?   Thanks 

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