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Hi friends. I'm Anıl. I live in Turkey. I have a Hisun 700 UTV 2015 Models. My problem is : 
inability to change gear after the engine has started. Before the engine starts, it can shift into all gears; but after running, I cannot change gear. At about 3000 km. Fuel injection model. Can anyone help on this topic? Thank you!

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I am not trying too hard. If I force it, yes it does. For example, it happened on my motorcycle. I found and figured out that it was due to the cable coming out of the hand clutch being dislodged. However, I'm new to utv. Even though I pressed the fire, I could not understand why the gear was not softening. It definitely has a setting. When I tried it in the morning, I ran it with gear in neutral. I put it in forward gear. There was no problem. However, I could not put it in the reverse gear this time. Perhaps I think it's related to the speed setting. I loosened the speed setting a little. Because there was a curfew, I couldn't test it over the weekend.


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I found the source of the problem. The problem was that the idle was running at high speed. It does not allow gear shifting because the idle is high. However, this time I could not find a master who could adjust the idle speed. Does anyone know how to set idle?

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Hello there. Problem solved. The source of the problem was the malfunction of the receptor mounted on the manifold. Changing the manifold receptor solved the problem. I paid 5 usd from Aliexpress to bring the part and installed it. In vehicles with fuel injection, the vehicle automatically adjusts the idle speed by means of these receptors. Attached is the photo of the part I replaced.

So what is the connection between the sensor and the gear shift?
the solution is:

When the sensor is faulty, the engine runs at 2000 rpm while the vehicle is stationary. This high speed prevents gear shifting. When I replaced the sensor, the engine started to run between 1300 and 1500 rpm. Since the idle speed decreased, the problem with my shifting was also solved. If you are driving a fuel-injected utv, remember that there is a receptor on the manifold to reduce idle speed and shift gears. In case of failure, you can simply install it yourself.


hisun gear.jpg

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