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Joyner CV Axle parts available


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Hello Everyone

Brand new Joyner  CV AXLES are waiting to be unloaded at LA port and then be sent to warehouses in  Charleston, TN ,   BALTIMORE, MD  and Groveport, OH. Estimate they will be available for shipments to end customers in about 2-3 weeks. 

These CV AXLES  are ordered in February this year and now it is middle July.  Very long time to get these parts.  Qty for each model is not big. Detail as below: 

S/N                  Part No.                                       Description                    Charleston, TN     BALTIMORE, MD       Groveport,  OH        Total

1            D650.            650 Sand Spider Rear left              3                                     2                                           3                                   8

2            S650.             650 Commando Rear                       7                                     6                                          10                                23

3            TR1100.       TR1100 Front                                      3                                     3                                            4                                  10

4            D650.           650 Sand Spider Rear Right          3                                     2                                           4                                    9

5            S800.    800 R2/4 Rear Shaft                         4                                     4                                            6                                  14

6            TR1100.     TR1100 Rear                                          6                                    5                                             9                                  20

7            S650.            650 Commando Front Left            3                                    3                                             4                                   10

8            S650.            650 Commando Front Right         3                                   3                                             4                                    10


Below items are also available.  These items can be shipped in days


1. 800 Renegade R2/R4 Front outer cage  ---  5 pieces   

2. 800 Viper SV1100 Drive shaft rear Left outer cage --- 5 pieces

3.  800 Viper SV1100 Drive shaft rear left inner cage --- 3 pieces


1.    650 Commando Left Front / 650 Commando Right Front /650 Sand Spider Rear Left / 650 Sand Spider Rear right /  OUT CAGE            2 pieces                  

2.    650 Commando Rear OUT CAGE              1 pieces                    

3    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE        2  pieces                   

4    650 Commando Left Front / 650 Commando Right Front  INNER CAGE          1 pieces                    

5    650 Sand Spider Rear Left /  650 Sand Spider Rear right INNER CAGE            1 pieces                    

6    650 Commando Rear INNER CAGE           1 pieces                    

7    Trooper Front / Trooper Rear / 800 R2 R4 Rear  OUT CAGE  INNER CAGE            2 pieces                    

Anyone who need above items please contact me at  [email protected]  Thanks. 

Other Joyner items needed, you can also contact me and I will try to help. 

Have good day

Casey / Leaf Asia 






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Hello  Mixfixdave

The 3 warehouses I mentioned are Amazon warehouses. So. I guess possibly you can not pick up the axles at the warehouse.  Still, you can buy from Amazon directly. You may be able to get the parts in short time if you have  high buyer level. 

But as I know  Amazon provide fulfillment service for orders from seller.

Would you please send me email ( [email protected])  and give me your detail address so that I can check the fulfillment service cost. If it is cheaper than FBA order, I will be able to give you discount.  

Hope this works. 

Have a good day 


Casey / Leaf Asia 


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Hi Exessable, 

Sorry, I don't have manual for 650 Sand viper so I can not confirm whether the axle for 650  Sand Viper is same as the one for 650 Sand spider.  Do you know the part number of your current CV axle?  

What I found from the drawing of D650. is :  Total length:  635-671.5 mm,  Outer spline is 27 teeth while inner spline is 22 teeth. 

Hope this can help. 



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On 7/28/2021 at 7:38 AM, excessable said:

I have a joyner 650 sand viper and need left axle. is the 650 sand spider the same axle as the viper? if so I would like axle.


On 7/28/2021 at 11:17 AM, Bachelor51 said:

I have a 2007 650 and need left rear axle if anyone can direct me to one I would sure appreciate it. Not sure if my buggy is a sand viper are sand spider thou. My model number is JNSZ6500L 



Hi  Bachelor51,

I found rear left CV axle for JNSZ650DL is D650.,   rear right  one is D650.  I have both of these in stock.  If you are interested to have the axle, write email to me at [email protected]  Thanks 

Have a good day 

Casey/ Leaf Asia 


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14 hours ago, excessable said:

I'm thinking it should be the same as the 800 viper.

15 hours ago, excessable said:

I'm thinking it should be the same as the 800 viper.


Hi Excessable, 

No, 800 Viper has different CV Axles. Rear Left: MV800. and Rear Right: N650.  

27 Teeth and 22 Teeth are the spline teeth count as attached photo shows. 

Casey / Leaf Asia



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17 hours ago, Bachelor51 said:

I ordered one of the axles Thursday but not showing on invoice that it’s been shipped yet as of sunday. Can you verify if shipped as of yet?

Hi Bachelor54, 

Please advice where you ordered the cv axles and order ID if you have. 




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Casey I got the axle from Amazon today. Thanks. It was shipped from Amazon Charleston Tennessee warehouse.  Would ya by any chance know where I can purchase the 650 rear hub outer bushings? Saw a thread on this forum where someone said artic cat bushings was another replacement for them. But have searched for hours n hours and can’t find the crossover forum. Ordered the hub bearing bout 4 hours ago. Now just need them outter bushings. Can take a photo of the hub and send after sleep few hours if that would help. 

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On 8/2/2021 at 3:19 AM, Bachelor51 said:

I ordered one of the axles Thursday but not showing on invoice that it’s been shipped yet as of sunday. Can you verify if shipped as of yet?

Hi Bachelor, 

Thanks for update information.  Nice to know you received the axle.  

As per the busing,   If you can provide photo, dememsion, I will check whether I can supply. But I am not sure I can. 

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