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Trans Gear Oil or Trans Fluid?

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Pretty sure I have this one correct but since we have this great resource I am going to use it. The Owner's Manual says to use 90wt gear oil. I assume this is the same gear oil as the diff. I am going to use/change out to Royal Purple Max-Gear Sae 75W-90W also good for Limited Slip. Reason I am asking is because my last race car used Trans Fluid and it was also an Asian Manual Trans. The little bit of leakage when I changed out the driveline was gear oil not trans fluid. Anyone see it differently or have any concerns? OR what did you use?


rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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If your going to use Royal Purple I've noticed Jeff from No Limits uses R.P Synthetic 75w140 Gear Lube http://shop.nolimitspowersports.com/produc...mp;productId=86 but from what I see both are good so the choice is yours. I had a look on Royal Purples website & in their pdf info sheet http://www.royalpurple.com/prod-pdfs/max-gear-ps.pdf it states that meets warranty requirements. Max-Gear meets or exceeds OEM warranty requirements for GL-5 automotive rear axle hypoid gear lubrication & is compatible with other oils. Max-Gear is compatible with other mineral gears oils and other synthetic hydrocarbon gear oils.

Go for it as rocmoc, I will next time too but read the pdf info 1st just for peace of mind.

Cheers Mike

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How often do you think the diff lube should be changed, every 500 miles while your changing engine oil sound good?

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Kinarfi, that would be a healthy habit if you can stick to it I'd say. At best no more than double that. 1.8L no more than 1000 miles but 500 has to be twice as good for it. I did have a look in the Joyner manual but no mention of it.

Cheers Mike.

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My gearbox has been clashing a little to much I think. I have had problems like this in the past with cars and found a lighter weight oil can help

quite a bit. In the manual it recommends that you use API 80(75) W-90 GL-3 Gear Oil, has anyone used a lighter oil?

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