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Trans Gear Oil or Trans Fluid?


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Pretty sure I have this one correct but since we have this great resource I am going to use it. The Owner's Manual says to use 90wt gear oil. I assume this is the same gear oil as the diff. I am going to use/change out to Royal Purple Max-Gear Sae 75W-90W also good for Limited Slip. Reason I am asking is because my last race car used Trans Fluid and it was also an Asian Manual Trans. The little bit of leakage when I changed out the driveline was gear oil not trans fluid. Anyone see it differently or have any concerns? OR what did you use?


rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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If your going to use Royal Purple I've noticed Jeff from No Limits uses R.P Synthetic 75w140 Gear Lube http://shop.nolimitspowersports.com/produc...mp;productId=86 but from what I see both are good so the choice is yours. I had a look on Royal Purples website & in their pdf info sheet http://www.royalpurple.com/prod-pdfs/max-gear-ps.pdf it states that meets warranty requirements. Max-Gear meets or exceeds OEM warranty requirements for GL-5 automotive rear axle hypoid gear lubrication & is compatible with other oils. Max-Gear is compatible with other mineral gears oils and other synthetic hydrocarbon gear oils.

Go for it as rocmoc, I will next time too but read the pdf info 1st just for peace of mind.

Cheers Mike

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