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2020 Hisun 750 cuts off

Michael Hudson
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So my wife picked out a brand new Hisun crew 4x4 750 axis 4x4. When it gets hot it shuts off. This vehicle has less than 20 miles. I'm the dark here. First I have no access to a trouble shooting guide and have even blindly performed the "wiggle tests" as I used to do as a drive ability tech on cars professionally. I'm not able to locate what's getting overheated to cause it to shut off. After awhile it'll start right up and no issues. While trying to duplicate the problem sitting at idle, it'll eventually cut off again. Again when cooled off will start again. 


I'm hating this machine and wished she'd gone with a pricier but more reliable sxs. My grizzly 550 rarely gives me issues that isn't my fault. 

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On 10/22/2021 at 7:57 PM, Michael Hudson said:

Update: found a local place that'll warranty work if it's approved by Hisun but they're 3 weeks behind and can take longer to repair depending on parts availability. They also said they'll supply me a trouble shooting/ electrical diagram if they are able to. I'll update the info once I hear back. 

Hello Michael do you have an update to this ?? Let me please know the solution fix 

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10 hours ago, GTorres said:

Hello Michael do you have an update to this ?? Let me please know the solution fix 

Yes it was a loose wire from the ignition to the relay box. I'm honestly not sure  how that would make it cut off when hot though.  We just picked it up last week and so far it's been good. We haven't really had much time lately to ride it though. 

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