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2018 Massimo MSU 500 not cranking.

Jay Smith

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I have a 2018 Massimo MSU 500. I was riding and it just shut down. No noise or anything. Got fire and fuel. It will not crank. Also timing chain is not moving.  Was wondering if anyone has run into this. If there was a cam sensor or any other sensor that would do this, or is the engine just done. Thanks for any information..

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  • Alex changed the title to 2018 Massimo MSU 500 not cranking.

How do you know that it's getting fire, and fuel, if it doesn't crank over? Did you mean that it won't start?

If it cranks, you need to see if the timing chain is either broken, or the gears that it drives are slipping. Maybe it just lost the woodruff key?

Either way, I wouldn't count it out just yet. It could easily be something simple. 

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I could get spark if the crankshaft and stator are working, but if the camshaft is not turning then you could have a broken timing chain , a broken camshaft or the bolts backed off the timing gear that connects to the camshaft.  I have seen this situation many times on motorcycles.  Take off your camshaft cover and turn over the engine and you should find the problem right away, usually an easy fix.

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