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BMS Stallion 600 freewheel going downhill


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Thanks Kenfain for your input. When I first got the UTV it didn’t freewheel, but has since started to. I know Polaris and other UTV’s freewheel and that is normal for them. Yes, hitting the gas does re-engage the clutch. Perhaps the freewheeling is normal, I just don’t want to damage it more if I have an issue 

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Could be that as yours has aged, it has loosened up a bit. As long as you can still activate it, in a consistent way. I wouldn't worry about it unless that changes. 

If it starts to act up, like failing to kick in, even when prompted. Or if it feels like an unsafe condition results. Then you might have an issue. 

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My cfmoto Uforce 600 had the wet clutch go out. Before the clutch went out the engine brake worked just fine. I got a replacement wet clutch, clutch drum, engine brake, etc from Amazon and not official cfmoto parts.


After putting everything back together with the new engine brake. Mine acted just as you have described. Most of the time it would engage. There were times it would not. But hitting the gas would raise RPMs and then the engine brake would engage. 


In the 6 months mine has been doing this. It hasn't hurt anything. Maybe caused a little more brake pad wear when engine brake wasn't engaged but that is about it.

But I don't ride in extreme situations very often with the wife.

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