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Buying UTV for my elderly mom on her ranch and need advice


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My mother is a hard worker.  She's 91. Lately the pain in her legs is so bad it's keeping her from working as hard as she wants. She lives on a 20 acre ranch in Black Forest,  Colorado. It's bad enough sometimes she can't walk back and forth to her front gate which is about 100 yards each way. Working hard is her joy in life and she recently broke down crying to my daughter talking about how she feels limited. I want to get her a UTV, soon. She's pretty little only 100 pounds. Money isn't really an issue. This is Colorado and her ranch is at 7500 above sea level so snow is always a factor but with the sun and our atmosphere being so thin snow melts pretty quick. Still I want 4WD as an option or fulltime. I want entering and exiting easy, She doesn't need ground clearance. She will never go trail riding. I'd like to have an enclosed and or removable cabin and heat if possible. Easy start up and do they all have clutches? No clutch or a very light one would help. Some kind of a bed for gardening would be good. That doesn't have to be heavy duty. We're not hauling wood.  We have a Kubota tractor I can use for snow plowing. This is just a runabout for the ranch. Even electric would probably work. I don't think we want some no name Chinese thing. I'm around and live about 15 miles away but I can't be there 24/7. We watched a video about Polaris UTV 570 but that's the only video we watched.


I frequent other board like those about muscle cars and we're always wary about first time posters especially if they're selling something. I'm not selling but I am a serious buyer and I'm trying to move rather quickly on this.



Steve in Colorado.

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Most UTV's Don't come with cabs from the factory but are usually anywhere from a $200 to $900 add on from the dealer or a aftermarket company.

I would say Polaris, Kawasaki and Kubota are the top 3... however some of the Kubota's have a pretty good step up into the cab.   The best thing to do is go to local dealers, and try them out.



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Yes I was reading about the CVTs. I think the Polaris might fit the bill. I'm a little concerned about the lowest powered one since our ranch has some decent hills. There are a ton a cab options which is great. I didn't see  a heater but I think I once saw a video of a guy installing one. There was also a more aggressive tire upgrade I wondered about. the Kawasaki looked a little too tall at least the ones I saw. and the Kubota looked like a garden tractor.

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