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MSU 500

Doug Walker

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I was hoping someone can give me an opinion on a MSU 500. A co worker is thinking about selling his I believe it is a 2015 and has 12 miles on it stored inside always. Can someone give me what would be a good price to offer him for it.  Is this a good model. Thanks for any help 

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7yrs old and 12 miles on it?  Sounds like there's something wrong with it and it's been parked for a loooong time.  Even if there wasn't, sitting for any length of time is not good.   There's quite a history of issues with those models on here. A good price would probably be one low enough to replace the engine.

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I bought a 2018 MSU 500 new from Tractor Supply.. It broke on its first day in its first mile...and went in the shop 6 times in its first year... Massimo never paid one dime on warranty repairs..  RUN AWAY ....   or remember I warned you if you buy it ..      If you do, drive it for 15 -20 minutes first.. It will likely overheat.    btw, A good rebuilt Yamaha engine replacement is about $3000  plus labor .

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