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HiSun Axis 500 Torque Power


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I have a 2021 Axis 500 that I use to launch  my 14 ft Boston Whaler in/out of a watershed lake on a gentle slope primitive landing. The other day as I was pulling it out one of the trailer wheels got stuck. Gave it some gas and still stuck. I put the pedal to floor and the wheels would not even turn with it in Low and 4WD. I would have thought the wheels would at least spin.  Very disappointed in the torque and wish there was away to set the gearing ratio lower.

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Was on a yamaha forum the other day.

They were talking about adding a shim inside the primary sheave. Supposedly it gave more gettyup on takeoff. But lowered the top end speed.

Also they were talking about changing the spring on the secondary sheave.


Maybe something you can research and maybe it can help.

Best of luck.

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