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2022 Hisun 750 EPS Overall very loud while driving

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Ya, I now where foam ear plugs while riding which helps a lot. I ride motorcycles and worked in a power plant for 40 years. I can’t afford to loose anymore hearing at this point, already tired of saying what to my wife all the time. Although, it may just be wife deafness at this point. Lol 

thanks for your feedback


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I don't blame you, I may have to try the foam ear plugs. I've checked around for anyone with a better muffler or a silencer to add to the exhaust system, but no one makes anything I can find. If anyone knows of a way to quiet these things down, I'm all ears. 

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I have a 2022 750 EPS as well, and it’s intolerably loud. I’ve read good things about The Silent Rider exhaust silencer, which installs after the stock muffler.  It’s pricey, but the manufacturer claims it has no reduction in power.  They don’t make a specific one for our UTV yet, but I contacted them and was told that the BT-98 silencer together with the BT-1A adapter will bolt right on. I’ve ordered and will try to post results once I get it installed. 

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This will be a two- pronged attack for me. First is the silencer, because it’s too loud on the street (UTVs are street legal here, but this thing gets plenty of unwanted looks for noise). Second will be to add some sound deadening mat from behind seat all the way to the bottom of the dash in order to get at the “WHAT I CAN’T HEAR YOU” problem…

I’ll post my results with both. 

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I just figured I'd get under the metal bed which seemed to resonate the engine/exhaust noise the most.

I guess I could also do the inside of the plastic behind your feet. I also avoided under the wheel wells because on the Coleman 400 there are no rear fender liners and I was concerned that it would be an issue with mud getting kicked up.

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I have a 2021 outfitter 550 and the first thing I did for the noise was hang a coil of about 3 feet of 1.125 inch flex exhaust hose on the end of the muffler. I've been running it for a year with no problems and no perceived loss of power. I had to play around with some copper plumbing fittings to make the connection. After reading about aefron88's use of sound deadening material, that may be my next effort.

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On 10/21/2022 at 8:30 AM, aefron88 said:

Just the one box of what I posted at the bottom of the other thread. Still have half a box left over.

You should be able to measure what you want to cover and make a good guess sqft wise.

Where did you get the mat?  I can’t locate the thread you mentioned. My Coleman (Hisun) 550 Outfitter is load, but so is my buddies new gasoline Kubota!  He has to hear wear hearing protection too.  Thanks

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Ok, I received the Silent Rider silencer kit a few days ago and got it installed. My initial impression is that it’s moderately quieter outside the vehicle, but marginally quieter in the cab. I took some “before” dB readings to compare, but I haven’t had a chance to take “after” readings yet; I’ll post the results when I can take those (a day or two). 

The kit was relatively easy to install, but it did require that I make a bracket in order to mount it to the frame. The kit is intended to allow you to hang the silencer for support, but the Sector has no frame member above the exhaust area — only the tilt bed itself, which can’t be used for that purpose for obvious reasons. So the simplest solution I saw was to invert the hang rods to be prop rods and support them with a bracket on the rear frame member where the A-arm attaches.  See pics


This is what comes in the kit.


This is the bracket I made to attach to left frame upright where A-arm mounts.  It's fabbed from a piece 1/8" plate steel drop I had laying around. Tab on the back is a rotational stop since I used only one screw in the frame member.


Silencer with cut down support rods.  You'll note that I cut off the threaded bosses on the opposite side of the silencer (used when mounting the silencer to the opposite side) and capped them with stainless allen head screws.  The bosses come very close to touching the plastic under the dump bed, so shortening them seemed the right thing to do, plus they look better this way.


Bracket mounting location on frame: hole is 5/16" for 8mm flange screw and nut.  A couple of non-flanged screws are provided in the kit that could be used, but flanged fasteners are preferred in this application IMO.


Bracket installed on frame.


Silencer mounted in bracket.


This is the adapter provider in the kit, which fits the Hisun muffler perfectly.  You have to remove the spark arrestor/exhaust tip to install.  Shorter allen screws are provided in the kit, but they aren't stainless so I opted to cut down the factory stainless screws and reuse.  They also give you a gasket, but my Hisun is pretty new and the factory gasket was fine.  Also, an important note if you attempt this install...I had to cut about 3/8" off the 45 degree adapter pipe so that the silencer would sit a little closer to the muffler in order for it to avoid contacting the bed when opened.  As installed, it winds up being very close to the bed when resting in the fully open position, but I didn't see that as a problem since you would never drive it that way where it would see sustained heat.  I did notice after installation that it might be possible to loosen the muffler in its mounts and shift it slightly forward toward the front of the vehicle, but I didn't try this.

So in summary, my impression is the kit helps, looks good and seems decent quality, but at $180 or so not much bang for my buck, IMO.  As I mentioned above, I will post dB levels using my smartphone and an app, but I don't expect massive reductions based on my perception.  It is quieter though, no doubt about, just not as silenced as I had hoped. The next phase will be installing sound deadening mat material in the cab, and I will post my experience with that.


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Ok sorry this took me a bit longer to post, but here are sound level results…not terribly rigorous but it gives an idea of the relative difference. Readings are on an iPhone with the NIOSH SLM app.  As you may know, decibel scale is logarithmic not linear so the difference in sound level monitored is noticeable. To my ear, still too loud in cab, but you can at least talk loudly and hear with a passenger.

Stock 750 exhaust:

76 dB in cab at idle at driver chest level

93-95 dB in cab at 5000 RPM at chest level

85 dB at idle directly behind vehicle at waist level

80 dB at 5’ at idle behind vehicle at waist level

750 exhaust with Silent Rider installed:

72 dB in cab at idle at driver chest level

90-92dB in cab at 5000 RPM at chest level

77 dB at idle directly behind vehicle at waist level

74-75 dB at idle at 5’ behind vehicle at waist level

It’s clear to me that in-cab sound levels are at least partly magnified by body panels and layout of the cab.  I will post additional pictures and results when I have the sound deadening material installed, probably in a few weeks.


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