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2022 Hisun 750 EPS Overall very loud while driving

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I have a 2021 Sector 550 EPS and it's horribly loud at anything over idle. Can't even have a conversation with my wife when driving.  I have friends with newer Rangers and they are much quieter machines.

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Ya, I now where foam ear plugs while riding which helps a lot. I ride motorcycles and worked in a power plant for 40 years. I can’t afford to loose anymore hearing at this point, already tired of saying what to my wife all the time. Although, it may just be wife deafness at this point. Lol 

thanks for your feedback


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I don't blame you, I may have to try the foam ear plugs. I've checked around for anyone with a better muffler or a silencer to add to the exhaust system, but no one makes anything I can find. If anyone knows of a way to quiet these things down, I'm all ears. 

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Good point. Maybe there is another way. I noticed under the seat backrest it's just a thin panel of plastic between the cab and the engine. Wonder if that sound deadening mat would make any difference in the sound level inside the cab?

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I have a 2022 750 EPS as well, and it’s intolerably loud. I’ve read good things about The Silent Rider exhaust silencer, which installs after the stock muffler.  It’s pricey, but the manufacturer claims it has no reduction in power.  They don’t make a specific one for our UTV yet, but I contacted them and was told that the BT-98 silencer together with the BT-1A adapter will bolt right on. I’ve ordered and will try to post results once I get it installed. 

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Been waiting on delivery to Central America where my ride is located, as I only get packages once per month. I hope to have it by next weekend. As soon as I have it, I will take before and after audio with my phone (fwiw) and report back with photos on installation…

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This will be a two- pronged attack for me. First is the silencer, because it’s too loud on the street (UTVs are street legal here, but this thing gets plenty of unwanted looks for noise). Second will be to add some sound deadening mat from behind seat all the way to the bottom of the dash in order to get at the “WHAT I CAN’T HEAR YOU” problem…

I’ll post my results with both. 

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I just figured I'd get under the metal bed which seemed to resonate the engine/exhaust noise the most.

I guess I could also do the inside of the plastic behind your feet. I also avoided under the wheel wells because on the Coleman 400 there are no rear fender liners and I was concerned that it would be an issue with mud getting kicked up.

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