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2015 Massimo Militia 1000XS V-Twin Motor partially locked up


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Hi I’m new to the forums scene here and I wanted to know if anyone here knows anything about the Hisun 1000cc v-twin motors. I just purchased a used 2015 Massimo Militia with 300 miles on it. I’m attempting to rotate the crank on this motor and it’ll only rotate about 90 degrees and then completely stop. I can rotate the crank in the opposite direction and then it stops at about 90degrees back to where I initially started from. I have the clutch cover off, the stator cover off, both valve covers and both spark plugs pulled. And there is no obvious signs as to what happened to this motor. 

I don’t know if anyone else has had a situation like this with their 1000cc or maybe even the 800cc motors. I’m rather stumped and wanted more info if anyone has any to share. I just want to get to the bottom of what happened to this motor. 

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11 hours ago, T-boss 410 said:

Is it an overhead valve motor? Sounds like one or more of the valves is stuck open. Or, there's something in one or both of the cylinders. You could remove the heads, or maybe one of those snake cameras would give you some idea.

Yep I actually discovered the problem late last night. The connecting rod in the rear cylinder is broken. I had help rotating the crank and I saw the piston wasn’t moving in that cylinder with another person rotating the crank. I was actually able to use a small screwdriver and pushed down on the piston in the bore. So it would seem I’ll have to pull the motor and tear it down to see what I’m really dealing with. What scares me at this point is I can’t find parts for this motor. 
 If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated. I’d hate to have to spend $4K on a new powertrain on this thing. 

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I was about to type BROKEN ROD , when I read your next post..  thats not good.. you need to tear down and see what else it damaged .. cylinder, head, crankshaft ... and why it failed. I see you said it only has 300 miles?   Massimo.... strikes again ... Good luck, hope its not too bad 

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7 minutes ago, Joe Breaux said:

I was about to type BROKEN ROD , when I read your next post..  thats not good.. you need to tear down and see what else it damaged .. cylinder, head, crankshaft ... and why it failed. I see you said it only has 300 miles?   Massimo.... strikes again ... Good luck, hope its not too bad 

Yeah the more and more I look at this thing, the more I think the previous owner(s) beat the hell out of this poor thing. I’m surprised that the only thing I see missing from the thing is a fender flare on the right rear. But I’ll be tearing into it soon. Didn’t want a big project but at this point it’s paid for and sitting on my driveway. 

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yeah, Massimo cannot take a lickin and keep on tickin.. in fact, even if you baby them, they are trouble prone .. Mine was in the shop 6 times in the first year.. Massimo never paid one cent of warranty work..  Their "authorized" repair shops wont touch them unless you pay cash up front because Massimo wont pay them. 

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never said I baby mine.. I said it doesnt make a difference. because other have.. They still break. . and mine went no where for months except the repair shop.. it would run for maybe a 1/2 hour or an hour.. back to shop.. ALL AT MY EXPENSE.  I run mine in the mud but I do not abuse any motor.. ever.   I have pulled a couple others out .. But I have been towed too.  

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Don't get the wrong impression, Joe. I didn't mean to say that you were hard on yours, just that while some were stuck or broke down, yours kept on going. I know about the warranty stuff, but you gotta admit, it does go better than some other big name brands at times.

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      I have a Hisun Strike 1000 I have been trying to get going, it has only 39 hours on it, so I can only assume it has been sitting for a long time.
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      The rear end was busted on it when I got it, So I ordered a new one and installed it only to run into this problem. I can only imagine the problem has happened over it sitting so long and not being driven.
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      Hello.  Can anyone provide location of fuel pump relay switch.  According to the tech at Massimo it is not in the fuse/relay switch box but mounted near the fuel pump, but I am not seeing it.  Pics would be appreciated also and thank you in advance.
    • By Greg Kilgore
      We all know summer is hot inside the cabs of our SXS. So I've rigged up a couple of fans to help cool down the cab.
      I didn't want to drill the fan's "support rails" into the ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), aka roll bars. So I used water clamps to hold them in place. 
      I just need to replace the wires I ran with bigger gauge. Then finish the wiring to switches, relays, and battery. But the hardest part. The actual mounting of the fans is complete. Also just in case anyone plans on doing this. I may have to only use 1 fan in the middle instead on 2. Due the the draw on the battery.
      The fans are 12", 12V 80W. So I'm figured they were 6.7 amps apiece. Used the WAVe formula to get unknown values Watts=Amps*Volts then solve for unknown. I know the watts and volts from sticker on fan. So just used above formula to get amps. So a 7 amp fuse should be OK and a 10 amp fuse will be good. 
      So pulling 14 amps from the battery all day may be too much for the charging system to keep up with. And I haven't even installed the radio yet. So I will have to test and let you know.
      See pics below.

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