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2013 Massimo MSU 500 Weak

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I have a 2013 Massimo MSU 500 project. I just recently got it running after sitting in pieces for an unknown amount of time. I replaced the wet clutch and drum, the primary clutch and belt, the spark plug, ignition wire, and ignition coil. I cleaned the fuel tank, replaced the fuel lines, fuel and air filters. I adjusted the valve lash and  the throttle cable stroke. Now to the problem. It tops out in high gear at about 4400 rpm at 27 mph. It tops out in low gear at 5200 rpm at 28 mph? It will rev to about 7500 rpm in neutral. I'm guessing I just don't have enough horsepower for some reason. Ideas?

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Update: I just ran a wide open throttle compression check and it's 135! According to the stats that I dug up it's supposed to be between 163 and 210. So, that's not good. Also when I removed the spark plug it was chalky black with soot. So I've got something else going on, I'm not sure what yet. Grrrr!

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