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2008 Massimo 700 high speed problem

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Hi all. I'm new to the site. A few years ago I bought a used Massimo. Recently I've had a issue driving above 25mph. The engine won't go any faster. In fact it seems to sputter and hesitate. The whole engine shakes. I've changed air filter.oil,oil filter, throttle cable oil/air cooler,and carburetor and still no luck. I was wondering, could it be the fuel pump. Should I invest in an electric fuel pump? I'm just not sure. It starts fine and revs while in neutral. Any advice would be great. Thank you 

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I thought and read about the seatbelt thing, I tried no luck. The red light is about two wheel/four wheel. I think it might be The fuel  pump. I have something similar to this. I was thinking changing to a micro electric pump. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

fuel pump.jpg

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You could try a fuel pump as long as it would pump enough volume for what you need. And remember most electric fuel pumps like to push not pull. So the pump would need to be close to the tank. I replaced a fuel pump on a Kohler 18hp lawn mower with a cheap electric one and it has worked fine.  But that was 1994 lawn mower not a side by side. Also if the pump supplys more gas than the machine uses there needs some place for extra gas to go so it doesn't flood the engine. 


Look up the specs on what the max speed SHOULD be in LOW and HIGH vs what you actually get in LOW and HIGH. A sensor could think the machine is in low when actually in high and not letting it go any faster.


Is it the same speed on level ground vs an incline? 


Really acts and sounds like a sensor or something limiting the speed. But I have been wrong before.


Someone more knowledgeable on the engines may be able to help.


Hope you get it fixed and post your fix

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Maybe take the door off and side skirt off that side to make things a little easier to get to.


Maybe a magnetic hex bit.


Use extensions. I had to use about 3 ft of extensions to get the case off my cfmoto. The cvt case was being the gas tank. Had to take off wheel to get the tank out of the way.


Just take your time. You'll get it. I have faith in your abilities. 

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You said you bought it used. 

Maybe the previous owner did some kinda bypass on the seat belt safety wire.


Check to see if there is any kind of wires going to the drivers side seat belt clip that tell the machine if you have uour seat belt on or not.


Possible if the previous owner did rig something, it might have came loose on one of your rides.


Just grasping at straws.

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One way bearing will slow down the machine when letting off the gas. To help hold back the machine when going down hills and such.


I don't know if itbis supposed to have the one way bearing or not. It can help save brake pads. Kinda of a personal preference. 


You could go to alpha-sports or another site to see if their parts list shows a one-way bearing. Or in a repair manual to see what it says.


When the engine turns. The clutch grips the clutch drum and the bearing free spins basically. When you let off gas. The one way bearing kinda grabs and doesn't let the clutch drum spin freely. Causing it to grab forcing the engine to spin. The compression of the engine causes the machine to slow down. Not technical but this is how the bearing works. Sort of. The only way I know to explain it.


Again a personal preference. If you don't want the machine to hold itself back when letting off gas. Don't put it in. If you want the machine to hold back a little, install.


Either way, will not hurt top speed. Unless you install backwards.

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