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  1. I suppose this would also be applicable to the Massimo Buck 400?
  2. Sounds like you could have a small EBay business selling the new dipstick.
  3. I used an 8 ounce squeeze bottle. Takes a few minutes and patience. I preferred it to removing the dip tube.
  4. KentC


  5. I use a squeeze bottle to fill the oil. It is recommended a good quality atv/utv oil. Since it only takes 1 1/2 quarts, no sense in saving a few pennies.
  6. So. Some times you have no choice but to shift on the fly, but it should be avoided.
  7. I do not believe the Buck has a synchromesh transmission and it is recommended not to shift without stopping. Each time the transmission grinds it is wearing the gears until it eventually fails. It also leaves metal chips in the oil which causes other problems. It is important to change the transmission oil in the buck to remove any chips or pollutants, especially since the clutch shares this oil.
  8. Unfortunately Massimo reminds mr of the Jeep’s made by AMC, where you needed the serial number to figure out what parts were in your vehicle. Don’t take the manual as a bible, depends a lot on which production model you own.
  9. A super nice guy will send you the service and users manual, if you ask him. Unfortunately I can not recall his user name, but if you do a search in the forums for Buck manual you probably will find him.
  10. I would first check the water in the cells.
  11. Have you changed the oil in the transmission? I believe the buck has a wet clutch and shares oil with the transmission. Changing the transmission oil is a very important part of routine maintenance on the Buck.
  12. I did not take the dipstick assembly out. I used a squeeze container like the old ketchup squeeze bottles they use to use in restaurants or the ones in BBQ restaurants. Took a few minutes, but it was easy.
  13. I did a search for recommendations for atv utv oil and selected Lucusoil. It was $7 a quart when I bought it. Now Amazon is out and others want $15 a quart. $10 for a oil change on a $6000 utv did not seem excessive. (1 1/2 x $7). $22.50 is steep. Do a search and make your own choice what you want to go with.
  14. It takes almost 1 1/2 quarts. It has a wet clutch and requires a special oil for ATV and UTV. By the way,they recommend the first oil change at 25 miles. Dild you try the liquid Berliner? If so, how did it turn out?
  15. The Buck is particular about gas to prevent the EFI from fouling. It recommends alcohol free 90 octane.

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