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Someone who has experience with both can better answer your question as to which is better.

Both likely have more QC issues than the major brands, and worse dealer support.

A foot of wet snow will likely mean a short life for the wet clutch/belt on any belt driven machine.  If you plan on using a UTV for plowing I would recommend doing multiple runs during the storm if you're expecting a lot.

As far as Hisun I haven't had any major issues yet, parts seem to be widely available, service manuals are available, and for the most part they're pretty simple to work on. If you get the cable, and HudECU hacker software (free) it can make troubleshooting sensor issues much easier.

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I've had both. A 2013 CFMoto Uforce 600 and currently a HiSun Axis 500. 


Bought the cfmoto used. After I got the thing reliable it was a decent machine. But the belt had a catastrophic failure and locked up the sheaves while wife and I were on the road. The wife didn't/wouldn't ride any longer. So we got the axis. After repairing the cfmoto, we sold it.


The parts for the cfmoto were a little harder to source. But I think that was because of the year. There seem to be a lot of cfmoto dealers/shops in this area. But that could be this area.


As stated belt machines are a little different. They don't like being bogged down.  The belt or clutch slipping is not good. It doesn't take a lot of trying to pull or push something. With the wheels not spinning. To wear out the belt or clutch. 

Also remember there is a break in period. That the machines should not be ran above 50% throttle, throttle position should vary and other things. 


For the snow you plan on pushing, I'd go with as big of machine you could afford/find.


I  wished the wife wasn't afraid of the cfmoto. I personally think it was the better machine of the two. But the axis is a nice machine as well. Both are loud. Both have air intake in center console. Both have heat issues in the cab during the summer. Running some pipe and moving the air intake so sound deadening material can be added to the center console would help but may void the warranty on either machine. The axis had turn signals. Axis hasn't laid us over on our side (yet). Both have seat belts. But I bought 5-point harnesses for both passenger and driver and added the the axis. (Only installed 4-points) Left the original seat belt in. Only modification I made.


Hope above info helps.

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