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750 Sector Dashboard Switch Panel Cover


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I’m posting this in case someone else has a Hisun in an environment that’s very dusty, muddy or wet and is looking for a method to protect the switch panel. My Sector is street driven daily with lots of dirt roads, dust, rain and mud. Plus I wash out the cab regularly. And while I’m sure that the switches are ok to get wet, over time with the grime I’m equally sure they’ll fail. So I fabbed up a clear plastic switch cover.

I’m on an island in Central America, so I didn’t have access to any sheet lexan or acrylic to make the cover itself, but I found one of those clear refrigerator food storage bins of about the right size at the local hardware and cannibalized it. I used a piece of 1/4” aluminum angle and a piece of stainless piano hinge that I had laying around in the shop to make the mount and the hinged attachment. It works well and it’s easy to slip open whenever I need to turn something on or off. Open at the bottom for cord connections should they be needed.





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