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Selling my Trooper

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Well; the economy has put me in the position of selling my Trooper. It's a 2008 model. I've changed a few things on it. It has a custom bikini top. Custom exhaust; windshield; fender flares on the front; reinforced cage; snorkle; RSI 5 point belt system; and new Maxxis Bighorn rear tires; also a firestick saftey flag. It has 220 miles on it; and has been used very little. I paid $11,900 and added $650 in aftermarket parts. I'm asking $9800 firm for it for a quick sale. I'm sorry to see it go; but I have too many irons in the fire. If you need more pics or info; e-mail me at [email protected] . I'm located in Bend; Oregon.

Oh; and the stock "Far East" rear tires go with it. Also the winch; and lightbar with lights as well as the "modified" engine cover/roll bar




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maybe it gets stolen and insurance pays it off, and maybe you later build your own minirail that looks kinda like a trooper but no body panels, you know a home built unit all tubing.

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Thanks guys. If you run across anyone who is considering a Trooper; guide them my way for a great deal on a barely used one in excellent condition with lots of extras!


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    • By Terrypenton
      Bought this machine a couple years ago and the gages didn’t work.  I have troubleshot this thing numerous times to no avail. Thought it may be a common ground so I individually grounded  the gages, didn’t work.  I have tested the sending units.  All have some resistance that changes as the engine revs or gets warmer.  Please help me.  Thanks in advance
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      I think the front wheel bearings need replaced. Lately i've noticed some noise from the front end while driving.. jacked it up and both sides have considerable play. The passenger side more so. Kawasaki 92045-1170 replaces the bearing. its 2 per hub. which is 4. it's 25 bucks PER BEARING. which is $100 and some change for both sides. Kawasaki lists that the bearing used  is a  60/22 2RS ball bearing. i can find them anywhere from $5 to $10, BUT i question the quality, no country of origin is disclosed.
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      I have changed the battery , alternator and the regulator.
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      Is there something else that could be the problem to my battery not charging??

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